Welcome to the website of “Brussels Healthy City Region”! The project is now integrated in the Brussels-Capital Health and Social Observatory.


Brussels Healthy City Region wants to show its gratitude to its financial partners, without whom our projects would never have been so successful.

Observatoire de la santé et du social/ Observatorium voor gezondheid en welzijn

Sharing of the available demographic, social and health data on the borough or neighbourhood of the project scope (statistical sectors); Definition of quantitative and/or qualitative health criteria (outcome) and/or relevant intermediary criteria related to the project developed in partnership with the participants;
Help with project assessments through analysis of gathered data (depending on the chosen indicators; different when assessment of projects in both scopes or global assessment of Healthy City project); Provision of documents and tools available in our database.

Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie: Beleidsdomein gezondheid

Link with other competencies
Use of the network as a resource and communication vector in the Flemish Community

Question santé :

Communication (methodological help, editing, publication of files for journalists, media contacts, ...)

Société de Développement pour la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale/Gewestelijke Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij voor het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest (SDRB/GOMB)

Cartography, maps
Link with economic sector and urban renewal

Centre Local de Promotion de la santé de Bruxelles

The methodological support, including assessment processes for organisations or individuals who develop projects and field activities.
Initiation and support for sectoral and intersectoral collaboration and coordination in the Brussels-Capital Region
A documentation center, spreading and relaying information

Centre de Documentation et de Coordination Sociale/Centrum voor Maatschappelijke Documentatie en Coördinatie (CDCS/CMDC)

Provision of document centre with a few thousands of documents and an internal database of 4,000 addresses feeding the Bruxelles Social website.

Coordination of different services, aimed both at citizens and professionals in the non profit sector: editing of brochures, organisation of events, translations, creation of websites.

Lokaal Gezondheids Overleg (LOGO)

Link with VGC, other departments and their resources
Provision of course material, trainings
Link with the field in the Flemish Community
Trainings and methodology

Pacte territorial pour l'emploi/ Territoriaal Pact voor de Werkgelegenheid in het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

Contact with the various partners of the Territorial Pact for Employment
Transmission of information
Addition of intersectoral vision
Contract for Economy and Employment (C&E)

Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Compétences et organisation / Aménagement du Territoire et Logement

Urban planning, including management of building permits and infractions, instruction of reports and incidence studies;
Monuments and sites, including archaeology, the inventory of our built heritage and the organisation of the 'Journées du Patrimoine/Open Monumentendagen';
Studies and planning, including regional plans and regulations;
Urban renewal and the execution of the revitalisation of neighbourhoods;
Housing, including information and subsidies for renovation and embellishment;
Regional housing inspection, supervising the application of the Housing Code.

Service d'accompagnement social aux Locataires sociaux/Dienst voor Maatschappelijke Begeleiding van Sociale Huurders(SASLS/DMBSH)

Contact with social housing sector.
Specific methodological help in housing sector.

Institut bruxellois pour la gestion de l'environnement/Brussels Instituut voor Milieubeheer(IBGE/BIM)

Measurement of environmental quality indicators
Help with choice of indicators
Interface between health and environmental problems
Interface with NEHAP (National Environment and Health Action Plan)
Methodological help with planning and management of green spaces
Trainings by eco-advisors
Regional service against indoor pollution (CRIPI/Habitat-Santé)

Commission Communautaire Française (COCOF)

Methodological help with project start-up
Scientific research

Institut d'encouragement de la Recherche Scientifique et de l'Innovation sociale/Instituut ter bevordering van het Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek en de Innovatie van Brussel (IRSIB/IWOIB)

Contact with different partners sponsored by regional research
Provision of university studies
Search for university experts
Distribution of results found

Société de Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles/Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal vervoer te Brussel (STIB/MIVB)

Provision of information about network and functioning of STIB
Support for local projects through prevention cell of STIB (active in subway stations and in contact with local associations and boroughs)
Group visits of STIB network or workshops (including school visits)

Bruxelles Propreté/Net Brussels

Development and test of 'sorting ambassadors' in neighbourhoods
'Clean neighbourhoods' operation
Bulky waste and test of 'mobile container park'

Brusselse Welzijns- en gezondheidsRaad

The Brusselse Welzijnsraad stimulates affordable healthcare for every Brussels citizen through transversal work in order to innovate and to improve quality in the Dutch-speaking well-being and healthcare areas.
Expert partner for themes related to well-being.
Link with consultation and networks in well-being sector.